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Security awareness for first responders

and those who work around

 negative vibes.

Your health and safety depend on it!

About Our Services


Apache Six is an Elite Security Force Group comprised of Spiritual Warriors who are on mission to change the way security is conducted, in today's insecure world...

Why Apache Six

New Age Security 

“Apache Six is the pioneer in the metaphysical side of security and energy.”​


—  Adan, Frequency Specialist 

About Us


Adan is a Spiritual Warrior with a unique set of skills in frequency and energy. His warrior spirit was sharpened in the Marines and hes made it his life's purpose to teach and empower others on how to find their LIGHT and find thier purpose.

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Jessica is a Certified Professional Hypnotist specializing in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and helping others achieve their fullest potential as a Life & Spiritual Coach. 


She enjoys helping veterans and thier loved ones deal with today's PTSD. 

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