"In Service to Humanity!"

Spiritual Warriors passing down ancient wisdom and noble virtues for today's modern world.

Welcome to Apache Six, we are proud to mentor and train Elite First Responders, Security Specialist and Spiritual Warriors who are on a mission to protect and serve humanity.



Apache Six is proud to be the first company to teach and certify first  responders and security professionals on how to combat lower vibes and negative energy in the work place...



To become an Elite Warrior, you must first master  yourself. You will be defined by your moral character, not a college piece of paper. Every Warrior lives by a certain code...



The people around you can  negatively impact your health if you don't energetically protect yourself...



Over three quarters of the world believe in a HIGHER Power, GOD has many names and many meanings. Many religions were started because of this beautiful Spirit.

But the Bible forgot one thing...


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We are proud to work with TRUE PROFESSIONALS who take their personal security craft seriously.

APACHE SIX will only certify and vouch for companies who will uphold the values of a Noble Warrior and live by the A6 WARRIOR CODE.


The following companies have chosen to take a pledge to teach and mentor their staff in the ways of the Apache Six Warrior culture. They have chosen to put people over profit first and will do everything humanly possible to keep you, your family and assets safe and protected.

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