The story behind A6...

Every warrior has some kinda cool story... I'll give you the "elevator version" behind A6... Apache Six was created by ME (a Marine Veteran) who battled with survivors guilt and one night, I reached out to God and requested to "checkout" and be transferred to Saint Micheal's battalion. But the gun didn't go off & divine intervention happened that night and I had a new found purpose once again. December 21, 2012 was the reset button I needed, and I had a new mission once again.

As a spiritual warrior, I take my orders directly from God and God alone. I will not cave to the corrupt shake downs of the IRS or any other state agency who places corporate greed over REAL SAFETY. The world got bamboozled by Covid-19 and I can no longer stand by and watch the blind, follow the blind. God has called upon his Angels once again, and I hope and pray you answer the call if and when you are called.

A lot of innocent people are going to die because of the stupidity of governor Inslee and other puppets like him. Every Warrior must look within, and stand up for what they believe in, even if they have to stand alone...

I have chosen to move out of state and start a SPIRITUAL BOOTCAMP to train the next generation of Warriors in the art of Knighthood. Thank you to all who supported me along my journey with A6. And I hope that next time you see the Apache Six logo, you see the real divine power behind the feathers and the harmony of Angel number 6!


- A



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