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Why you need private security

This may sound crazy, but everything you do revolves around security. You wake up in the morning (or night for you night owls) and get ready for work or school. You are not thinking about the dangers in your home, your job, your school or the threats that could very well cripple our economy and our way of life here in the states.

Everyday someone puts on a military uniform, police uniform or security uniform. While many are living in their perfect little bubble and oblivious to the threats around them, uniformed personnel (Let's call them "sheepdogs" for arguments sake) these sheepdogs are on the lookout for possible threats that can potentially ruin your day or your way of life. These sheepdogs are on the road heading to military bases, police headquarters or place of business where security guards are tasked to provide security. Maybe it didn't dawn on you, but they are there to keep you safe. Many of you have gotten your car broken into, your house burglarized, identity stolen, social media or computer hacked. The list can go on and on. We rely on technology and our smart phones. Unfortunately, the bad guys have found ways to disrupt your life and create chaos. Let your guard down for one second and you could end up on their crosshairs. The good news is, there are hundreds of security companies out there who are willing to step up and keep you safe. Apache Six is one such company.

Apache Six is comprised of former Marines and military veterans. We provide critical skills and keep clients safe around the Tacoma and Seattle areas. Many of our clients hire us specifically for your safety. Many of these businesses understand that by keeping you safe and secured, it guarantees them you will keep coming back to them with more business. The military can't get involved in private or domestic situations, thats what the police is for. The problem with police is, there simply isn't enough of them to go around. And thats exactly why you need private security.

As a business or private individual, you can't afford to take on a possible lawsuit. Not everyone is up to the task of confronting a hostile individual and not everyone is trained to read the warning signs on a potential threat. So it only makes sense to hire a professional security firm that will look out for your assets and your well being. Hiring your nephew or your neighbor's kid is not the same. That old saying "you get what you pay for" is so true, and you need to consider that when it comes to your own personal safety. We all need private or personal security in some form or another, Apache Six can help you get the proper help.

Apache Six is proud to work with our local communities and a proud supporter of Seattle's Children Hospital. We feel that every life is precious and it needs to be protected. If you need to protect your home and install security cameras, we can help with that. If your business needs to be secured or patrolled, we got you covered. If you or your family need that additional security layer and having a personal bodyguard gives you that peace of mind, we got your six. Our executive protection team has some of the best trained individuals money can buy. We provide a 5 star service regardless of budget or status. Everyone needs security, your safety comes first and Apache Six will take care of that problem.

Stay humble and stay safe. We got your six! - Nacho

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