• Nacho

Security on Halloween

It's never easy for any retail business on Halloween weekend. And now with the "clown movement" in full affect, it's made it that much more difficult. So how do businesses combat this dilemma?

Here are a few suggestions... post signs and banners on your doors and request that customers please remove any masks or head gear that would obstruct any facial recognition. Hire physical security and have a security guard posted upfront of your store. Have them stay vigilant and prevent anyone with a mask or facial paint. Most people travel in pairs these days, so odds are they can have someone else shop for the things they need. Security cameras are great too, but sadly they are only going to catch the aftermath of any possible threat.

It all comes down to common sense and the type of industry you work in. Retail shops with cash tills are the most vulnerable. Any night club or retail shop that requires you to be twenty one and up, has the difficult task of deciphering if the individual presenting their ID is really them. If you do take the risk of letting them in, hold their backpacks or any other bulky items at the door. Don't take the risk if you don't have too.

Have a great Halloween weekend and stay safe. Do not let this "killer clown" phenomenon stop you from celebrating this great spooky tradition! Happy Halloween!!! - We got your Six!


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