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Merry safety this Christmas!!!

Ok I know it's the day after Christmas and I must admit, I have been slacking on blogging! LOL (but with good reason)

I sincerely hope everyone had a safe Christmas. There is never a shortage of crime stories to report on, sadly there was a stabbing at a local mall on the 24th as they were closing. Twelve were killed in Chicago on Christmas Day and of course the late singer George Michael died on Christmas Day as well.

Does anyone else feel like the murder rate is increasing and is getting ridiculously out of hand? I realize social media and "fake news" helps get these stories to us a lot quicker these days, but I can't help but notice that society is turning a blind eye to the loss of life. And the crime wave on law enforcement is disgusting. The whole black and white, brown/green/purple/pink (fill in whatever color of your choice here) race situation is ridiculous. We are all people of God and his love for us has NO color.

Im not going to jump on a soap box and start preaching about how we need to respect life and teach everyone how to defend themselves, but maybe I should? Someone has too. I don't know about you, but 2016 wasn't my greatest year. Maybe I will dedicate 2017 to teaching and empowering everyday citizens on how to stay alive in a dangerous world.

I hope everyone has a safe and peaceful New Years. We don't know what this new administration will bring in 2017, but we must focus on what really matters in our lives and rally behind our families and neighbors. Stop worrying about what's going on in the capital and start worrying about what's going on in your backyard.

(Side note)

I recently started producing and uploading YouTube videos and I told myself that I would start promoting them when I had at least 10-15 completed. In November I took a short trip to Mexico that totally changed my outlook on life. I will share my experience with you guys soon, this video might be broken into separate segments, but I hope this experience has the power to touch and change your outlook on life and how to protect it. Take care everyone!

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