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Security mindset on Easter weekend

You don't have to be religious to have a positive mindset or be security savvy. It's been approximately 2,000 years since Jesus was crucified on this very weekend and evil has still found a way to survive all these years. There are a select few in this world who choose to be proactive and help those in need of protection from the evil that lurks around every corner.

It cost you nothing to be a positive stand up individual. Your willingness to help others in their time of need is a very honorable and noble thing to do. You don't have to be a "ninja" or security expert to help someone out. But you do need to be aware of your surroundings and confirm the scene is safe before you come to the rescue of someone else.

Call 911 and report a crime in progress or report the activity you have just witnessed. Don't be a hero and take on someone with a weapon unless it's your last resort. Again, be smart and assess the danger and current situation. Wait for backup if the threat is not critical. ONLY you can make that call. Security is not about kicking ass and taking names. It's about being smart and preventing a problem from becoming worse than it already has.

Anyone can be a good samaritan and I believe today on Good Friday is the perfect opportunity to reflect on why you should always have a security mindset about you. God sacrificed his only son for us to be saved from sin. Jesus gave up his life for you and me because he loves us and truly wants us to have the opportunity to live. Every life is precious and it deserves to be protected. It's only right that you take care of your life and use good judgement in every aspect of your life.

Don't text and drive. Think about your safety and the safety of others. Road rage has gotten out of hand in this country, use caution when dealing with hot heads. Learn to have patience and outsmart your potential threat by having the courage to walk away and be the better person. Be responsible and look after your family and friends. Learn and get certified in CPR. On this Good Friday, reflect on why Jesus gave up his life for you and me and lets show more compassion towards human kind. Security may not be for everyone, but protecting your life is your responsibility and it would be nice if you could help those who can't or unable to fight for themselves. Have a blessed Easter weekend and stay safe everyone!

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