I had the pleasure of working with Apache Six on a large convention and found them to be nothing but professional, reliable, and friendly. They went above and beyond what was expected of them by bringing more staff in than requested to make sure the event went smoothly.

On top of being a great security team, they are also wonderful people who are willing to lend a hand. They proved this to me when they drove one of our housekeepers home so that she didn't have to walk in the rain. You can't ask for a better group to work with than Apache Six!- Gradee Freeman, Catering and Conference Services Manager. BellHarbor.Com

We had an excellent experience with Apache Six from all points of pre-planning. Onsite and post-event.Considering the sensitive nature of the cannabis Dope Cup event, Apache Six did an excellent job with exceptional customer service by their staff. We will use Apache Six again in the future as well as recommend them to fellow event producers.

- Sandra Semling, Events director 

CMP Dope Media LLC.


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